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Update: 29-04-2013

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Breeding and training a fighting dog

Dog fighting is almost always put together in the same context with gambling, but for real dogfight lovers it is not only that. It means a fight between animal strengths and measuring which dog is the best at the end. Many people who really understand this sport know that it is not a "sadistic thing" as many describe it, but more a measure of strengths.

Dog fights became a part of American culture in the early 1800s. In the US but also all around the world the most famous and best breeds for dog fighting are the Mastiffs, especially the Tibetan, French, English and Danish Mastiff, but also the English Bulldog and the Boxer and Pug. But every dog can be bred and trained to become a good fighting dog. It is important that the dog has a strong jaw and many English trainers pick dogs with short legs.

To ensure your dog becomes a winner, you must work on its endurance and stamina. Dogs who are meant for dog fights are often trained to be able to run for hours and also to swim. Just like with humans, swimming helps the muscles in the whole body to develop and build strength.

The sport of dog fighting can mostly be found in Russia. Despite being known as the city of escorts Amsterdam, has certain areas that allow these fights to take place totally legally. In other countries in Europe the most dog fights happen "underground" away from any curious eyes and available to only true dog fight enthusiasts and lovers.

A roll is really important for any future fighting dog. It decides how high the abilities of a fighting dog are. Usually it happens when a dog is 15 months old. If this first fight is successful, then the next fight takes place when the dog is about 19 months old. After this fight the final decision is made. Only worthy dogs get the chance to take a part at a real show.

The best places for a dog fight to take place are rural areas. There they can be performed outside, in the forest or in a barn. The dogs will also feel additional strength because of the fresh air and the nature where they will feel unsecure and want to finish the game as soon as possible. But in most parts of the world, people who enjoy dog fights have to be careful, because the law prohibits any dog fighting actions, training and even selling and gambling. The fines can go up to 250.000 dollars and they can even get up to three years of prison.

But we know that the dogs love it also. They are full of energy and want to show their strength and to measure their abilities with other dogs. At the end they are animals and they are made to do stuff like that, to hunt and be in our service, so keep your dog ready, because who knows when the next dog fight will happen close to you.